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    Cherry Witch 5.5% (12 pack)

    A modern cherry ale with a naturally charming tastescape. The confident density of the cherries, whose juice is fermented here at a ratio of 1/7, is embraced in the sweetness of lightly caramelised malts, which allow the drink to be sweetly juicy while keeping all the typical cherry traits - a brightly red density of fruitiness with a light touch of stone.


    ABV. 5.5%
    GRAVITY 1014
    IBU 11
    EBC 17

    Ingredients: ūdens, miežu iesals, ķiršu sula, apiņi, raugs.

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  • Irbenu_mezonis_VIBURNUM_BERRY_ALE

    VIBURNUM WILDLING 7.2% (375ml)

    Berry ale brewed according to the traditional Belgian method. Fermented with yeasts of the genus Brettanomyces, after which matured for 3 months on viburnum berries picked after the first frosts, at a ratio of 1/8. The nose is immediately occupied by the haunting timber like aroma of viburnum berries. On the tongue the viburnum berries open up and the bitter aroma is complemented by a haunted sweetness with a slight acidity. Just moving into the aftertaste, wild yeast esters also appear on the scene, which allows this show to move into the tracks of conventionally recognizable flavors that draw in the bare aesthetics of a late autumn forest.


    ALK. TILP. 7,2%

    Ingredients: ūdens, irbenes, miežu iesals, kviešu iesals, apiņi, raugs.

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    Yarrow Devil 9.9% (12 pcs.)

    Dark and blasphemous beer that invigorates the soul. The witchy bitterness of yarrow combined with fruitness of Citra hops and the roasted caramel flavour of five different dark malts invite to an intense tastescape a pious tongue would choose avoid. Alas, the devil has it`s ways.


    ABV 9.9%
    GRAVITY 1018
    IBU 47
    EBC 78

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yarrow, yeast

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  • Pagan_brews_dzemperis_ar_kapuci

    Pagan Brews hoodie

    Pagan Brews hoodie. Ultrasoft peached feel. Brushed inside. Single Jersey lined hood. Flat laced drawstings with luxurious metal tips. Necktape. Inside single jersey halfmoon in back. Side seams. Unisex. Regular fit.

    Thickness: 280 g/m²

    Material: 80% Cotton, pre-shrunk, ring-spun and combed; 20% Polyester.

  • Sober hop 0%

    All the tropical flavours to brighten your day - passion fruit, mango and pineapple from lashful addition of Strata, Idaho7 and Bru1 hops with a pleasent bitterness in a sinless non-alcoholic tastescape.


    ABV. 0%
    GRAVITY 1020
    EBC 14

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast

  • Kirsu_mezonis_cherry_ale

    CHERRY WILDLING 6,2% 2023 (375ml)

    A unique ale brewed with Brettanomyces lambicus since October of 2022 and matured on fresh cherries at ratio of 1/3 since July 2023. The result is an ale with explicitly redish berry like acidity and a rich spiciness of wild yeast esters and phenols. All this in a carmine red with a penetrating fruitiness that belies the alcohol content. Maturation on cherrywood chips before bottling gives the ale a gently smoky sweetness with a pleasantly dry aftertaste that makes the glass empty faster than perhaps it should.


    ALK. TILP. 6,2%

    Ingredients: water, cherry, barley malt, wheat, hops, yeast.

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    56°50'20.6 4,5% (12 pcs.)

    Inspired by the wild beauty of the west coast of Latvia. Wild thyme and heather - both characteristic vegetation for the austere landscape - pin down the aromatics of the Baltic coast with a touch of earthy Sladek hops to complete the tastescape. Embraced by high density of lightly caramelised malts to recreate the mossy softness on your soul.


    ABV 4.5%
    GRAVITY 1016
    IBU 18
    EBC 15

    Ingredients: hops, wild-thyme, barley malt, yeast, water, heather

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  • Labietis_peleks_oversize_tkreklsLabietis_peleks_oversize_krekls


    OVERSIZED Unisex T-shirt with an oversized cut and dropped shoulders. Shoulders backed with silicone for a better fit. Labietis letters print on the neck area of ​​the back, Labietis logo symbol on the front on the left breast.

    Material: 100% cotton ( carded cotton, Jersey fabric).

    Thickness: 220 g/m2.

  • Gravedigger 10,1%

    A seriously dark smoked beer with multifaceted bitterness. The apocalyptic aroma of deep char, smoke and tar coquettishly cover the alcohol content. The seriousness continues on the palate, permeated by the peat smoked and roasted malts, resinous fruity bitterness of Columbus hops, as well as notes of caramel and candy, which luckily keep it all in a state of tentative balance. Dried fruits and warmth in the finish.


    ABV 10.1%
    GRAVITY 1020
    IBU 80
    EBC 108

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, candy sugar, hops, yeast.

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    Smokey 6,4% (12 pcs.)

    A dark smoked beer that has been enjoyed for millennia by anyone who bathed in smoke saunas, while the malt was kilned on top of it. The aroma is overwhelmed by notes of smoky plum with the breadiness of the dark base malts. Sweet smokiness on the tongue from the Franconian beech wood with some malty caramel and balancing grassy bitterness of Saaz hop on the finish.


    ABV. 6.4%
    GRAVITY 1012
    IBU 26
    EBC 44

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast.

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    Unisex tank top. Double needle stitched trim on the bottom of the garment.

    Material: 100% cotton ( eco friendly Jersey fabric)
    Thickness: 140 gr/m².

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    MAGIC FOREST 11,4% (12 pcs.)

    An intense brew first enjoyed by the British aristocracy during the Industrial Revolution. Already on the nose, you can feel the drink's thick core of lightly caramelized malts, which is refreshed by the resinous pine buds and the spooky wild rosemary. The tongue literally gets stuck in the maltiness, only to be rescued by the bitterness of the hops, all of which lingers into sticky warmth.


    ABV 11.4%
    GRAVITY 1028
    IBU 49
    EBC 29

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, pine shoots, wild rosemary, hops, yeast

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