Miezis & Kompānija

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Kuginieku street 5, Liepaja, Latvia
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Trailblazers of
celmlauži Liepājā

This pocketsized pub was the first craft beer bar outside of the capital. This is the place to grow your beer taste from a countryside lager to an over-hoped DDH IPA. Always a selection of 10 beers on tap and more than 100 in bottles, under the guidance of our bar-staff.

Saviesīgās Liepājas centrs

Miezis & Ko was the first pub in the now ever-popular Julliane's court. Surrounded by wonderful restaurants, cocktailbars and pubs we are proud to be par of the epicenter of west-coast nightlife.

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Kuginieku street 5, Liepaja, Latvia
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