Brewpub of Latvian craft beer

Aristida Briana street 9a-2, Riga
Taproom Labietis


This is where we started. It is here that we have poured the first glasses of our more than 50 beer varieties for the first time for the general public. This is a place where a lot has happened "for the first time" in modern Latvian brewing. The freshest and newest beer from 17 taps and many bottles, guided by the best bartenders in the industry.

Contemporary Latvian

It's a melting-pot of generations and cultures united by the love of this traditional beverage. The diversity of patrons creates a real tavern atmosphere - in philosophical dialectics, mundane polemics or on a chess-board in the corner. Representatives of several generations and social strata always live here in a friendly manner, united by their love for the Latvian national drink. Due to the motley audience, there is a real pub atmosphere in the air here - both philosophical dialectics and domestic polemics, as well as a chess corner.

Craft beer tap room Riga

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