General terms and conditions

1. Terms and conditions and period of applicability

These standard terms and conditions shall apply to the orders placed in the Internet store (hereinafter, the INTERNET STORE) in Latvian, English and Russian, between the person (hereinafter, the PURCHASER), who places the order, and SIA Zlaukts (hereinafter, the SELLER). The existing terms and conditions of the contract are in effect from 01.04.2020.

2. Distance contract

A distance contract is an agreement between the CONSUMER (Clause 3 Section 1 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law) and the trader (Clause 5 Section 1 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law) or the service provider (Clause 4 Section 1 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law), on the basis of the offer of the trader or the service provider via addressed or non-disclosed recipients’ printed material, standard letter, directory, advertisement published in the press, attached by the order voucher, telephone, facsimile, Internet, electronic mail, television, radio and other means of sending or broadcasting information.

3. Coming into effect of the distance contract

The distance contract shall be considered as taken effect as soon as the CONSUMER has placed the order via Internet, telephone or other technological means and received the confirmation of the SELLER on the placed order via electronic mail. The order and the confirmation of the order shall be considered as received, when they are available to the parties, to whom they are addressed. In cases where goods ordered on the website, the document confirming the purchase is an invoice, which is sent to the e-mail specified in the order for the according product.

4. Time of fulfilment of the distance contract

The SELLER undertakes to fulfil the provisions of the distance contract not later than within the period of 30 days after the receipt of the order from the CONSUMER, unless the contracting parties have agreed upon another term. If the SELLER cannot fulfil the contract, because the good ordered by the CONSUMER is not available, the SELLER shall be obliged to inform the CONSUMER to this effect. In such case the SELLER may offer to the CONSUMER an equivalent good for an equivalent price.

5. Cancellation rights

According to the “Consumer Rights Protection Law” of the Republic of Latvia the CONSUMER may exercise the cancellation rights and withdraw from the distance contract within the period of 14 calendar days and to return the purchased good to the SELLER. The CONSUMER may not exercise the cancellation wrights, if:

  • the order goods cannot be returned back in terms of their nature (articles of hygiene, shaving accessories, etc.), if it’s original packaging was opened or they are perishable goods or quickly usable goods;
  • the best before date has expired

The CONSUMER shall be liable for preservation of the quality and safety of the good during the term of exercising of cancellation rights.

Information about Internet store

1. Prices

All prices of the goods in the INTERNET STORE are specified in euro together with the value added tax. The price of the good does not include the costs of delivery of the goods to the PURCHASER.

2. Languages

INTERNETA VEIKALA PIRCĒJIEM ir dota iespēja veikt pasūtījumu un noslēgt distances līgumu latviešu un angļu valodā.

3. Placement of order

PIRCĒJAM ir iespēja iegādāties jebkuru izvēlētu preci INTERNETA VEIKALĀ, pasūtot to internetā

4. Conditions for storage of the concluded contract

The SELLER shall not store the concluded contracts on the goods purchased in the INTERNET STORE.