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  • GLOW 3.5%

    Brewed in the berliner style with wild oregano and black currant leaves serving as a slightly astringent and pungent intro to the intense sourness of the black currant berries themselves. With a pleasant overall tartness from lactic fermentation for a balanced acidity.


    ABV 3.5%
    GRAVITY 1012
    IBU 5
    EBC 5

    Ingredients: Water, barley malt, black currant leaves and berries, hops, yeast

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    Meadow 6.3% (12 pcs.)

    This bottle contains a latvian summer meadow in full bloom. The giddy meadowsweet and the herby yarrow are brought to a modern rhythm by the fruity bitterness of Amarillo hops. Wheat and barley malts continue this summer dance, which ends with meadowsweet in blush.


    ABV 6.3%
    GRAVITY 1014
    IBU 11
    EBC 8

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat malt, yarrow, hops, meadowsweet, yeast

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  • Smokey 6,4%

    A dark smoked beer that has been enjoyed for millennia by anyone who bathed in smoke saunas, while the malt was kilned on top of it. The aroma is overwhelmed by notes of smoky plum with the breadiness of the dark base malts. Sweet smokiness on the tongue from the Franconian beech wood with some malty caramel and balancing grassy bitterness of Saaz hop on the finish.


    ABV. 6.4%
    GRAVITY 1012
    IBU 26
    EBC 44

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast.

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    Bog honey 6,5% (without malt) (12 pcs.)

    Dry mead brewed with bog myrtle and 5% lingonberry juice. The northerly meager tastescape of a bog is introduced by the refreshing sour and bitter aromas of lingonberry and myrtle. On tongue they pick up some residual sweetness from honey that enriches the bittersweet bog myrtle experience, with a sparky dry lingonberry finish.


    ABV 6.5%
    GRAVITY 997
    IBU 5
    EBC (7)

    Ingredients: water, honey, lingonberry juice, bog myrtle, yeast

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    DAUGHTER OF THE KING 4.6% (12 pcs.)

    British style pale ale brewed with Continental malt and New World hops. The sweet citrusy intro is followed by the gentle honeylike caramel of Vienna malt, that offers a perfect setting for the fruity bitterness of Cascade and Centennial hops. Noble balance of light malt, hops and yeast esters with a fresh resinous finish.


    ABV. 4.6%
    GRAVITY 1014
    IBU 25
    EBC 11

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast

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    Aronia Witch 5.1% (12 pcs.)

    Modern berry ale with a sweet and softly tart tastescape. Chokeberry juice is fermented with a wort packed with extra light caramel malts at a ratio 1/7. That allows to degrade the berry`s natural astringency to a crispy dryness that ends in a juicy fruitiness with some light malt sweetness.


    ABV 5.1%
    GRAVITY 1014
    IBU 11
    EBC 17

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, aronia juice, hops, yeast.

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  • PETER THE HOP 8,2%

    All the rage of the 90s California captured in an imperial IPA. Brewed with the pillars of the new world of hops at that time - Columbus, Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo, and Citra. Each hop adds to the thickness of the wave of bitterness, that crashes upon a mountain of lightly caramelised malts. The epic landscape fades slowly into warmth.


    ABV 8.2%
    GRAVITY 1014
    IBU 79
    EBC 17

    Sastāvdaļaswater, barley malt, hops, yeast

  • Dawn 5,8%

    An eye-opening amber ale with mint and ginger. It starts with mint, which is complemented by the oriental freshness of ginger and the soft bitterness of Goldings hops. On the tongue lightly caramelized malts join in with juicy notes of sugarcane that help to smooth out the spiciness of ginger. In the end ginger is not the only one that warms.


    ALK. TILP. 5.8%
    GRAVITY 1018
    KRĀSA 20

    Ingredients: Water, barley malt, ginger, peppermint, hops, yeast

  • IMP 5,3%

    An interdisciplinary berry beer with a multifaceted tastescape. The dry floral aroma of elderflower pleasantly compliments the fruitiness of Mosaic un Galaxy hops. On the tongue the explicit acidity of red currant liquifies the tropical bitterness, leaving a sour berry and dry aftertaste that lingers until you move your toes.


    ALK. TILP. 5.3%
    GRAVITY 1014
    RŪGTUMS 29
    EBC 8

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, red currant juice, hops, elderflower, yeast

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    Kurbads 4.6% (12 pcs.)

    Hearty and full-bodied light beer for winning. The lime bitterness of Wakatu hops is embraced by the silky tenderness of the high final density of oat and barley malts, which lingers as the unique biscuity sweetness of the floor kilned malts in the aftertaste.


    ABV. 4.6%
    GRAVITY 1014
    IBU 18
    EBC 15

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, oat flakes, hops, yeast

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    SHEPHERD`S BOY 4,5% (12 pcs.)

    A light and effervescent beer brewed in the belgian tradition for the seasonal harvest. The gently spicy esters of Walloon yeast are complimented by the tropical juiciness of Citra hops, that allows to enjoy the crisp tastescape despite a low final gravity. The citrus bitterness and slight maltiness balances on the tongue until a refreshing ending.


    ABV 4.5%
    GRAVITY 1008
    IBU 23
    EBC 6

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast

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    Loud and flashy Belgin wit brewed with a German weiss yeast. The spicy acidity of lemongrass and the lime bitterness of Wakatu hops immediately dominate the stage. The shy flufiness of wheat harmonizes the citrusy lead and ends exoticaly embraced by coriander and yeast esters.
    ALK. TILP. 4.8%
    GRAVITY 1012
    RŪGTUMS 15
    EBC 7

     ūdens, miežu iesals, kviešu iesals, citronzāle, apiņi, koriandrs, raugs