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    Wizard 7,6% GLUTEN FREE (12 pcs.)

    Historical pictish wholehive heather mead, mentioned in both Ancient Roman chronicles and Scandinavian legends. The dry sparkling drink invites to the tastescape of a bee hive. The sweet aroma of propolis is followed by the flowery bee pollen and dryly mossy heather blossoms. All of which fades into a humming apiary.


    ABV 7.6%
    GRAVITY 994
    IBU 5
    EBC 3

    Ingredients: water, honey, heather, propolis, royal jelly, pollen, bee glue, yeast

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    TEARDROP 4,5% (12 pcs.)

    A style popular in late medieval Goslar. The aroma of lightly soured mash and Goldings hops introduces a refreshing tastescape, where it is enriched by the spiciness of coriander. Followed by the bready sweetness of wheat malt, which is faded by a slight bitterness and finished by a pinch of salt.


    ABV 4.5%
    GRAVITY 1010
    IBU 16
    EBC 8

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat malt, hops, salt, coriander, yeast

  • LABIETIS bags

    Gadījumā, ja ilgojies ne tikai pēc vakara krogā – tagad bodē pieejami ērti Labieša maisiņi taviem alus un ne tikai pirkumiem. Pasūti maisiņu sev vai uzdāvini kādam īstam alus draugam. Pieejami vienā izmērā, ar divām dažādām krāsu variācijām. Izgatavoti no 100% kokvilnas.

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    Legendary Ferryman Of Riga 8,5% (12 Pcs.)

    A British classic since the 18th century London where the hardworking porters preffered the strongest ale of the time - stout. In the aroma, toasted barley notes are intertwined with fruity yeast esters. The full chocolatey bouquet of dark barley malts of this drink fully opens on the tongue, complimented by the silky softness of oats. With an aftertaste of a job well done.


    GRAVITY 1020
    RŪGTUMS 36
    KRĀSA 93

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, oat flakes, hops, yeast

  • Judge 5.9%

    Resinously bitter smoked beer. On the nose pine shoots and Columbus hops alongside oak smoked wheat malt create a peculiarly fruity first impression. However, the tongue enters into a citrusy pungent bitterness, which is partly balanced by the sweetness of the lightly caramelized barley and the smoothness of rye. With a pleasantly refreshing smoldering aftertaste.


    ABV 5.9%
    GRAVITY 1010
    IBU 60
    EBC 60

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat malt, rye malt, pine shoots, hops, yeast


    This is a limited edition of our spiced saison, which has spent almost a year in a Tokaji wine barrel. Innocent gooseberry notes introduces the foreplay with some cardamom and saffron, jerked shortly after in a primal dance with the esters of the barrel yeasts, traumatised by botrified grapes. Despite the combination of dry and naked beer body and a strong whip of alcohol, the vanillin of the wood with some golden raisin fruitiness allows to soften the experience to a perversly enjoyable level. With a fresh finish of pink peppercorn and blushed cheeks.


    ALK. TILP. 8.8%
    GRAVITY 997
    RŪGTUMS 28
    EBC 10

    Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, pink peppercorn, yeast.


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    Ferdinand 6.5% (12 pcs.)

    A strong lager matured on chestnut chips. The rich sweetness of the lightly caramelized barley malt shines bright, balanced by the nuances of the earthy bitterness of Sladek hops and hints of booziness. The smoky nuttiness of the toasted chestnut wood chips brings this bock as close as possible to what has been brewed in wooden barrels in Einbek since the 14th century.


    ABV 6.5%
    GRAVITY 1010
    IBU 20
    EBC 12

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast

  • Pepper 5,5%

    Slightly spicy red ale with a balanced backbone of hops and lightly caramelised malts. On nose the dry smokiness of cayenne pepper bullies the aromas of gentle Amarillo hops and malted barley aside. But a playful caramel reigns on the tongue, leaving the pepper to just nudging the throat to leave the aftertaste to the fruity bitterness of the hops.


    ABV. 5.5%
    GRAVITY 1012
    RŪGTUMS 26
    EBC 25

    Ingrediants: water, barley malt, hops, cayenne pepper, yeast

  • William the Cherry 5%

    At the beginning of the year we brewed a crispy dry cherry mead, which we aged for a little more than half a year in bourbon barrels that had already hosted a Fiji rum as well as our stout. Cloves and nutmeg from the rum cask are the first to emerge on the sensory horizon, which fit snugly with the soft sweetness of smoky cherry wood chips and a touch of cherry sourness. Already on the tongue, the cherryiness bursts to the fore for a moment, only to slowly subside into the southerly spicy notes of rum in the aftertaste.


    ABV 5%

    Ingredients: cherries, cherrywood chips, honey, yeast, water

  • Tumsas ragana 15,6%

    This is a contemporary remake of a prehistoric braggot that was served at a funeral in Egtved ~3390 years ago. Using the same raw materials - smoked and roasted wheat, honey, wild berries and wild herbs. On the nose smoked and toasted wheat is surrounded by honey with hints of lindenblossom. Further the sweetness of honey is balanced by slight tartness of cranberries and lingonberries, as well as the bitterness of the bog myrtle. The pleasantly warming strength of the beverage together with coffee notes dominate the aftertaste of this archeological drink.


    ALK. TILP. 15.6%

    Ingredients: ūdens, kviešu iesals, medus, brūkleņu sula, dzērveņu sula, liepziedi, mirte, vīgrieze, raugs.

  • LABIETIS T-shirt (Black)

    Gadījumā, ja ilgojies ne tikai pēc vakara krogā –  Labieša t-krekli pieejami tagad arī bodē. Krekls īstiem Labieša patriotiem. Pasūti kreklu sev vai uzdāvini kādam īstam alus draugam. Krekli ir “unisex” un derēs visiem dzimumiem, kā arī pieejami piecos dažādos izmēros. Izgatavoti no kokvilnas un poliestera sajaukuma.

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    Pelašķu velns 9.9% (12 gab.)

    Dark and blasphemous beer that invigorates the soul. The witchy bitterness of yarrow combined with fruitness of Citra hops and the roasted caramel flavour of five different dark malts invite to an intense tastescape a pious tongue would choose avoid. Alas, the devil has it`s ways.


    ABV 9.9%
    GRAVITY 1018
    IBU 47
    EBC 78

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yarrow, yeast