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  • FOREST 5,5%

    Inspired by Latvian folk songs on juniper beer, this one will resemble a refreshing walk in our corniferous seaside forests. Brewed with juniper berries and a variety of hops derived from regional wild hops - Kazbek. Fruity and resinous, with a lightly kilned malt backbone and a blasphemously inviting finish.


    ABV. 5.5%
    GRAVITY 1012
    IBU 7
    EBC 25

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, juniper berries, hops, yeast

  • Meadow 6,3%

    This bottle contains a latvian summer meadow in full bloom. The giddy meadowsweet and the herby yarrow are brought to a modern rhythm by the fruity bitterness of Amarillo hops. Wheat and barley malts continue this summer dance, which ends with meadowsweet in blush.


    ABV 6.3%
    GRAVITY 1014
    IBU 11
    EBC 8

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat malt, yarrow, hops, meadowsweet, yeast

  • SOHO DANDY 4,4%

    Traditional english bitter with a delicate balance of hops, caramel malts and yeast esters. Interlude of the slightly outlandish bitterness of Goldings and Galaxy hops is followed by a full bodied caramel backbone matching the fruitiness of english style yeast.


    ABV 4.4%
    GRAVITY 1012
    IBU 18
    EBC 25

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast

  • Aronia Witch 5,1%

    Modern berry ale with a sweet and softly tart tastescape. Chokeberry juice is fermented with a wort packed with extra light caramel malts at a ratio 1/7. That allows to degrade the berry`s natural astringency to a crispy dryness that ends in a juicy fruitiness with some light malt sweetness.


    ABV 5.1%
    GRAVITY 1014
    IBU 11
    EBC 17

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, aronia juice, hops, yeast.

  • Kurbads 4.6%

    Hearty and full-bodied light beer for winning. The lime bitterness of Wakatu hops is embraced by the silky tenderness of the high final density of oat and barley malts, which lingers as the unique biscuity sweetness of the floor kilned malts in the aftertaste.


    ABV. 4.6%
    GRAVITY 1014
    IBU 18
    EBC 15

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, oat flakes, hops, yeast

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    Meet Labietis (12 pcs.)

    Deviņu brūvēšanas gadu laikā Labietis ir uzbrūvējis vairāk kā 70 dažādus alus – sākot ar pasaules brūvēšanas pamatiem un beidzot ar unikāliem, zāļainiem eksperimentiem. Izvēlēties alu mēdz būt pārbaudījums, tādēļ šoreiz vari vienkārši uzticies mums! Esam sakomplektējuši 12 alu izlasi, kas vislabāk atspoguļo, ko mēs pārstāvam alus pasaulē.

    Iepazīsti Labieti kopā ar līdziniekiem. Ceļojums alus garšu pasaulē tiks pavadīts ar stāstu par alus vēsturi, aizvēsturi, brūvēšanu un aktualitātēm mūsdienās. Vairāk par sezonālo alus degustāciju lasi šeit.

    Soho Švītiņš (english bitter) – 4,4%

    Purva medus (berry mead) – 6,5%

    Kurbads (oatmeal amber ale) – 4,6%

    Baltais zvirbulis (belgian wit) – 4,8%

    Mežs (juniper red ale) – 5,5%

    Trīs Indiāņi (american pale ale) – 5,0%

    Pļava (herbal blond ale) – 6,3%

    Virsaitis (IPA) – 6%

    Ķēniņmeita (pale ale) – 4,6%

    Aroniju Ragana (berry ale) – 5,1%

    Melnis (multigrain porter) – 5%

    Pelašķu Velns (herbal dark ale) – 9,9%

  • Bog Honey 6,5% GLUTEN FREE

    Dry mead brewed with bog myrtle and 5% lingonberry juice. The northerly meager tastescape of a bog is introduced by the refreshing sour and bitter aromas of lingonberry and myrtle. On tongue they pick up some residual sweetness from honey that enriches the bittersweet bog myrtle experience, with a sparky dry lingonberry finish.


    ABV 6.5%
    GRAVITY 997
    IBU 5
    EBC (7)

    Ingredients: water, honey, lingonberry juice, bog myrtle, yeast


    British style pale ale brewed with Continental malt and New World hops. The sweet citrusy intro is followed by the gentle honeylike caramel of Vienna malt, that offers a perfect setting for the fruity bitterness of Cascade and Centennial hops. Noble balance of light malt, hops and yeast esters with a fresh resinous finish.


    ABV. 4.6%
    GRAVITY 1014
    IBU 25
    EBC 11

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast

  • Caraway croissant 4,3%

    The typical latvian caraway croissant reborn as a beer. The licorice like caraway is supported with the citrusy grassiness of Aramis hops. These are embraced by the fluffy sweetness of 3/4 wheat malt that will bring you into a tastescape of a bakery, with a lingering spiciness of caraway in the aftertaste.


    ABV 4.3%
    GRAVITY 1018
    IBU 11
    EBC 8

    Ingredients: water, wheat male, barley malt, caraway seeds, hops, yeast

  • MR. BLACK 5%

    An effortlessly light porter. The thick shadow of roasted and caramel malts is enlightened up by the overall low final gravity and the crisp bitterness of Cascade hops. Meanwhile a juicy chocolate aftertaste is supported by the sturdy sweetness of rye malt and silkiness of oat malt.


    ABV. 5.0%
    GRAVITY 1010
    IBU 25
    EBC 45

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, oat flakes, rye malt, hops, yeast

  • Wizard 7,6% GLUTEN FREE

    Historical pictish wholehive heather mead, mentioned in both Ancient Roman chronicles and Scandinavian legends. The dry sparkling drink invites to the tastescape of a bee hive. The sweet aroma of propolis is followed by the flowery bee pollen and dryly mossy heather blossoms. All of which fades into a humming apiary.


    ABV 7.6%
    GRAVITY 994
    IBU 5
    EBC 3

    Ingredients: water, honey, heather, propolis, royal jelly, pollen, bee glue, yeast

  • Bee Keeper's Widow 14%

    A delightful braggot made from 2/3 honey and 1/3 dark barley malt wort, fermented with wine and beer yeasts. An invitingly honeyed and portwine like introduction is followed by an explosion of caramel sweetness on the tongue, that is balanced only by hints of roasted malt bitterness and strong alcohol backbone. With a mesmerizing plum fruitiness in the aftertaste.


    ABV 14.0%
    GRAVITY 1020
    IBU 60
    EBC 60

    Ingredients: water, honey, barley malt, hops, yeast