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    Wizard 7,6% (without malt) (12 pcs.)

    Historical pictish wholehive heather mead, mentioned in both Ancient Roman chronicles and Scandinavian legends. The dry sparkling drink invites to the tastescape of a bee hive. The sweet aroma of propolis is followed by the flowery bee pollen and dryly mossy heather blossoms. All of which fades into a humming apiary.


    ABV 7.6%
    GRAVITY 994
    IBU 5
    EBC 3

    Ingredients: water, honey, heather, propolis, royal jelly, pollen, bee glue, yeast

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    Meet Labietis (12 pcs)

    In ten years of brewing, Labietis has brewed more than 70 different beers - from the foundation of world brewing to unique, herbal experiments. Choosing a beer can be a challenge, so this time you can trust us! We've put together a selection of 12 beers that reflect the best what we represent in the scene of the beer world.

    Aroniju Ragana (berry ale) – 5,1%

    Mežs (juniper red ale) – 5,5%

    Soho Švītiņš (english bitter) – 4,4%

    Pļava (herbal blond ale) – 6,3%

    Pelašķu Velns (herbal dark ale) – 9,9%

    Trīs Indiāņi (american pale ale) – 5,0%

    Ješka (latvian lager) – 5,2%

    Pokaiņu mežs (herbal barleywine) – 11,4%

    Rūsiņš (caraway rye ale) – 7,9%

    Skaidrais apinis (non alcoholic dry hopped pale ale) – 0%

    Virsaitis (IPA) – 6%

    Gaismas ragana (bronze age braggot) – 8%

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    IMP 5,3% (12 pcs.)

    An interdisciplinary berry beer with a multifaceted tastescape. The dry floral aroma of elderflower pleasantly compliments the fruitiness of Mosaic un Galaxy hops. On the tongue the explicit acidity of red currant liquifies the tropical bitterness, leaving a sour berry and dry aftertaste that lingers until you move your toes.


    ALK. TILP. 5.3%
    GRAVITY 1014
    RŪGTUMS 29
    EBC 8

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, red currant juice, hops, elderflower, yeast

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  • Mystery box

    Gift yourself and others Labietis mystery box. This is special suprise pulled together from our products, the contents are variable and depend on the goodwill of the pagan gnomes. Beer and merchandise - combinations are endless. Mystery box will cost you 34,69Eur but the value can be as high as 45Eur. Embrace the unknown. Surprise yourself and others.

    Making a purchase leave us your size (S - 4XL) in the notes section.

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    Inspired by traditional Latvian rye bread. The nordicly spicy caraway enriches the scentwise related Belgian style yeast esters. On the tongue, this harmonious couple is joined by the harsh and full-bodied sweetness of rye, which completely embraces the high alcohol content. A dangerously slippery drink with the tastescape of the only real bread.


    ABV 7.9%
    GRAVITY 1016
    IBU 17
    EBC 23

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, rye malt, hops, caraway seeds, yeast

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    Cherry Witch 5.5% (12 pack)

    A modern cherry ale with a naturally charming tastescape. The confident density of the cherries, whose juice is fermented here at a ratio of 1/7, is embraced in the sweetness of lightly caramelised malts, which allow the drink to be sweetly juicy while keeping all the typical cherry traits - a brightly red density of fruitiness with a light touch of stone.


    ABV. 5.5%
    GRAVITY 1014
    IBU 11
    EBC 17

    Ingredients: ūdens, miežu iesals, ķiršu sula, apiņi, raugs.

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    Yarrow Devil 9.9% (12 pcs.)

    Dark and blasphemous beer that invigorates the soul. The witchy bitterness of yarrow combined with fruitness of Citra hops and the roasted caramel flavour of five different dark malts invite to an intense tastescape a pious tongue would choose avoid. Alas, the devil has it`s ways.


    ABV 9.9%
    GRAVITY 1018
    IBU 47
    EBC 78

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yarrow, yeast

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    56°50'20.6 4,5% (12 pcs.)

    Inspired by the wild beauty of the west coast of Latvia. Wild thyme and heather - both characteristic vegetation for the austere landscape - pin down the aromatics of the Baltic coast with a touch of earthy Sladek hops to complete the tastescape. Embraced by high density of lightly caramelised malts to recreate the mossy softness on your soul.


    ABV 4.5%
    GRAVITY 1016
    IBU 18
    EBC 15

    Ingredients: hops, wild-thyme, barley malt, yeast, water, heather

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    Smokey 6,4% (12 pcs.)

    A dark smoked beer that has been enjoyed for millennia by anyone who bathed in smoke saunas, while the malt was kilned on top of it. The aroma is overwhelmed by notes of smoky plum with the breadiness of the dark base malts. Sweet smokiness on the tongue from the Franconian beech wood with some malty caramel and balancing grassy bitterness of Saaz hop on the finish.


    ABV. 6.4%
    GRAVITY 1012
    IBU 26
    EBC 44

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast.

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    MAGIC FOREST 11,4% (12 pcs.)

    An intense brew first enjoyed by the British aristocracy during the Industrial Revolution. Already on the nose, you can feel the drink's thick core of lightly caramelized malts, which is refreshed by the resinous pine buds and the spooky wild rosemary. The tongue literally gets stuck in the maltiness, only to be rescued by the bitterness of the hops, all of which lingers into sticky warmth.


    ABV 11.4%
    GRAVITY 1028
    IBU 49
    EBC 29

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, pine shoots, wild rosemary, hops, yeast

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    PETER THE HOP 8,2% (12 pcs.)

    All the rage of the 90s California captured in an imperial IPA. Brewed with the pillars of the new world of hops at that time - Columbus, Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo, and Citra. Each hop adds to the thickness of the wave of bitterness, that crashes upon a mountain of lightly caramelised malts. The epic landscape fades slowly into warmth.


    ABV 8.2%
    GRAVITY 1014
    IBU 79
    EBC 17

    Sastāvdaļaswater, barley malt, hops, yeast

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    Eat with beer! Metenis (12 pcs.)

    The best way to relieve your thirst during meals is with the drinks chosen by head of Labietis Reinis Pļaviņš, which are matched with the results of the chef's work.
    Beer set for Meteni day feast (two cans of each):

    Trīs indiāņi (american pale ale) – 5%

    Zintnieks (wholehive mead) – 7,6%

    Laikabriedis (herbal hefewiezeb) – 4,5%

    Ferdinand (chestnut bock) – 6,5%

    Lielais Kristaps (oatmeal stout) – 8,5%

    Mežs (juniper red ale) – 5,5%

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