Laikabriedis herbal hefeweizen


The resinously juicy wild rosemary from marshes of Rauna complement the distinct bouquet of typical Bavarian hefeweizen. A take on a classic by two 10 year old breweries.

Cerinu Didzis Herbal Ale


A truly seasonal ale brewed with freshly picked lilac. The synthetically mesmerising aroma of lilac is paired with hints of pineapple of Bru1 hops. On the tongue, it's all surrounded by a fluffy soft wheat malt sweetness, that emphasizes the flavor of lilac in full blossom. With a touch of lychee lingering in the aftertaste.

Pipars Cayenne pepper red ale


Slightly spicy red ale with a balanced backbone of hops and lightly caramelised malts. On nose the dry smokiness of cayenne pepper bullies the aromas of gentle Amarillo hops and malted barley aside. But a playful caramel reigns on the tongue, leaving the pepper to just nudging the throat to leave the aftertaste to the fruity bitterness of the hops.

American Pale Ale


Brashly American pale ale with a crisp and explicit bitterness. The pine and citrus aroma of Cascade and Centennial hops enrich the earthy bitterness of Columbus creating a neo-classic biterness profile. Pale ale malt soothes the tongue into a grapefruity aftertaste.



A golden ale that leads into the soft freshness of summer sunrise. The intro is dominated by the invigorating scentscape of catnip, which is complemented by the grapefruity notes of Cascade hops. All this is embraced by the fluffy sweetness of wheat, which goes all the way through the aftertaste, where it interwines with traces of citrus.



Atsvaidzinošs gaišais alus, kas aizvilina miglainos rītos un negulētās naktīs. Migla nosēžas uz mēles ar izteiktu, dabiski iegūtu kaņepju garšu, kas ieskauta svaigas piparmētras aromātā. Atturīgi pievienotie Sladek apiņi vien nobalansē vieglo bāzes iesalu mugurkaulu.

Kadikogu alus Mezs


Inspired by Latvian folk songs on juniper beer, this one will resemble a refreshing walk in our corniferous seaside forests. Brewed with juniper berries and a variety of hops derived from regional wild hops - Kazbek. Fruity and resinous, with a lightly kilned malt backbone and a blasphemously inviting finish.

Melnis Multigrain Porteris


An effortlessly light porter. The thick shadow of roasted and caramel malts is enlightened up by the overall low final gravity and the crisp bitterness of Cascade hops. Meanwhile a juicy chocolate aftertaste is supported by the sturdy sweetness of rye malt and silkiness of oat malt.

Saison Noir Melnais Azis


Our version of a Belgian style summer beer. Roasted malts fit right in with the blackberries, wild thyme, St. John's wort and oregano. All this mix blends with Belgian yeast esters, creating a refreshing but peculiar flavor pallet.



Hearty and full-bodied light beer for winning. The lime bitterness of Wakatu hops is embraced by the silky tenderness of the high final density of oat and barley malts, which lingers as the unique biscuity sweetness of the floor kilned malts in the aftertaste.