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Aristida Briana street 9a-2, Riga

Centrāltirgus iela 1, Sakņu paviljons, Rīga

13. janvāra iela 21, Rīga

Kuģinieku iela 5, Liepāja

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Herbal Beer Brewery


The beer culture does not stand still because we're developing it.

Labietis isn't brewed according to the recipes of German barons or the traditions of our ancestors. We brew beer here and now, inspired by the diversity of world styles. Labietis began as a countercurrent to boring beer that has sunk into the shallows of industrial brewing tastes.

We're supporting local culture without falling behind global craft beer trends. Modern beer brewing is without borders.


The oldest archaeologically recorded beer sediments are 5000 years old. The oldest references - 13,000 years old.

Our inspiration comes from a time before beer had classification of styles and rules - when herbs and juicy fruits were used in brewing. History is enigmatic and we interpret it in flavors.

Pagan Brews craft beer
Latvian craft beer beginning


Labietis started in an open space instead of a closed factory with the idea that everyone can watch the brewing process while sitting in a pub.

We stand for honest brewing and we're vouching for the quality of every ingredient, from hand-harvested heather to overseas hops or exotic fruit purees.