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Craft Beer Brewery Latvia


The beer culture does not stand still because we're developing it.

Labietis isn't brewed according to the recipes of German barons or the traditions of our ancestors. We brew beer here and now, inspired by the diversity of world styles. Labietis began as a countercurrent to boring beer that has sunk into the shallows of industrial brewing tastes.

We're supporting local culture without falling behind global craft beer trends. Modern beer brewing is without borders.


The oldest archaeologically recorded beer sediments are 5000 years old. The oldest references - 13,000 years old.

Our inspiration comes from a time before beer had classification of styles and rules - when herbs and juicy fruits were used in brewing. History is enigmatic and we interpret it in flavors.

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Craft Beer Riga


Labietis started in an open space instead of a closed factory with the idea that everyone can watch the brewing process while sitting in a pub.

We stand for honest brewing and we're vouching for the quality of every ingredient, from hand-harvested heather to overseas hops or exotic fruit purees.


  • Bee Keeper's Widow 14%

    A delightful braggot made from 2/3 honey and 1/3 dark barley malt wort, fermented with wine and beer yeasts. An invitingly honeyed and portwine like introduction is followed by an explosion of caramel sweetness on the tongue, that is balanced only by hints of roasted malt bitterness and strong alcohol backbone. With a mesmerizing plum fruitiness in the aftertaste.


    ABV 14.0%
    GRAVITY 1020
    IBU 60
    EBC 60

    Ingredients: water, honey, barley malt, hops, yeast

  • Chief 6%

    West coast IPA with a typical bitterness forward character. Mosaic hops dominate the tastescape with hints of lychees, mango and pomelo, complimented by the clean bitterness of Magnum, while amber malts keep the fruity bitter balance throughout the aftertaste.


    ABV. 6.0%
    GRAVITY 1010
    IBU 71
    EBC 14

    Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast


    Quadra klasiska 18l ietilpīga iepirkumu soma ar gariem rokturiem (58cm). Var nēsāt rokās vai pāri plecam.

    Biezums: 407g/m²

    Materiāls: 100% kokvilna (audekls)

    Izmēri: 39x42x13cm

  • TEARDROP 4,5%

    A style popular in late medieval Goslar. The aroma of lightly soured mash and Goldings hops introduces a refreshing tastescape, where it is enriched by the spiciness of coriander. Followed by the bready sweetness of wheat malt, which is faded by a slight bitterness and finished by a pinch of salt.


    ABV 4.5%
    GRAVITY 1010
    IBU 16
    EBC 8

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat malt, hops, salt, coriander, yeast

  • Beekeepers Widow (Barrel Aged) 14%

    This is a limited version of our classic braggot, brewed with 2/3 honey and 1/3 specialized barley malts, that has been further aged in a tawny port barrel. The additional couple of months of exposure to the portwine imbued oak has enriched the braggot with flavours of dried fruit, vanilla, cloves and hints of pipe tobacco smoke. The rich and saturated tastescape allows you to sail off to Madagascar with the crew of Adam Baldridge, while being comfortable in your favourite woolies at the fireplace.


    ABV 14%
    GRAVITY 1014
    IBU 60
    EBC 60

    Ingredients: ūdens, medus, miežu iesals, apiņi, raugs.

  • Lilac elder 6.6%

    A seasonal blend of spontaneous fermentation beers from 2020 and 2022. Shortly before bottling this beer has been lusciously dryherbed with freshly picked lilacs at 50g per liter. The result hits the nose with the bittersweet aroma of lilac, which transforms the typical horseblanket of the style into a almost melon. However, in the taste, this apparent softness is replaced by the funky and spicy bouquet of wild yeasts, while notes of synthetically bittersweet lilac remain in the background. Finishes with a lingering aftertaste of ripe summer and good mood.


    Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat, lilac, hops, yeast.

  • Three Indians 5%

    Brashly American pale ale with a crisp and explicit bitterness. The pine and citrus aroma of Cascade and Centennial hops enrich the earthy bitterness of Columbus creating a neo-classic biterness profile. Pale ale malt soothes the tongue into a grapefruity aftertaste.


    ABV. 5.0%
    GRAVITY 1010
    IBU 30
    EBC 6

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast

  • THREE INDIANS 5% (30L keykeg)

    Svaigs, lejams alus videi draudzīgā iepakojumā. 30L Trīs Indiāņu mučele aizvietos klapatas ar stikla pudelēm un ļaus baudīt hokeja spēli, dzimšanas dienas svinības vai brīvdienas citā līmenī.

    Tev būs aptuveni 72h, lai pieveiktu mučelē esošo alu. Pie saņemšanas esi gatavs uzrādīt dokumentu un parakstīt PN aktu, kā arī saņemt lietošanas instrukciju.

    Drošības nauda par alus lejamo iekārtu 60 EUR skaidrā naudā saņemšanas brīdī.

    Izsniegšana pieejama tikai Rīgā paņemot krogā A. Briāna ielā 9a-2

  • Caraway croissant 4,3%

    The typical latvian caraway croissant reborn as a beer. The licorice like caraway is supported with the citrusy grassiness of Aramis hops. These are embraced by the fluffy sweetness of 3/4 wheat malt that will bring you into a tastescape of a bakery, with a lingering spiciness of caraway in the aftertaste.


    ABV 4.3%
    GRAVITY 1018
    IBU 11
    EBC 8

    Ingredients: water, wheat male, barley malt, caraway seeds, hops, yeast

  • FERDINAND 6,5%

    A strong lager matured on chestnut chips. The rich sweetness of the lightly caramelized barley malt shines bright, balanced by the nuances of the earthy bitterness of Sladek hops and hints of booziness. The smoky nuttiness of the toasted chestnut wood chips brings this bock as close as possible to what has been brewed in wooden barrels in Einbek since the 14th century.


    ABV 6.5%
    GRAVITY 1010
    IBU 20
    EBC 12

    Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, chetsnut chips, yeast

  • Pokainu_mezs_herbal_barley_wine

    MAGIC FOREST 11,4%

    An intense brew first enjoyed by the British aristocracy during the Industrial Revolution. Already on the nose, you can feel the drink's thick core of lightly caramelized malts, which is refreshed by the resinous pine buds and the spooky wild rosemary. The tongue literally gets stuck in the maltiness, only to be rescued by the bitterness of the hops, all of which lingers into sticky warmth.


    ABV 11.4%
    GRAVITY 1028
    IBU 49
    EBC 29

    Ingredients: water, barley malt, pine shoots, wild rosemary, hops, yeast

  • LABIETIS T-krekls (ZAĻŠ)

    Gadījumā, ja ilgojies ne tikai pēc vakara krogā –  Labieša t-krekli pieejami tagad arī bodē. Krekls īstiem Labieša patriotiem. Pasūti kreklu sev vai uzdāvini kādam īstam alus draugam. Krekli ir “unisex” un derēs visiem dzimumiem, kā arī pieejami piecos dažādos izmēros. Izgatavoti no kokvilnas un poliestera sajaukuma.