Gose alus Asara


A style popular in late medieval Goslar. The aroma of lightly soured mash and Goldings hops introduces a refreshing tastescape, where it is enriched by the spiciness of coriander. Followed by the bready sweetness of wheat malt, which is faded by a slight bitterness and finished by a pinch of salt.

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Traditional english bitter with a delicate balance of hops, caramel malts and yeast esters. Interlude of the slightly outlandish bitterness of Goldings and Galaxy hops is followed by a full bodied caramel backbone matching the fruitiness of english style yeast.


Pilsner Forefather


Properly brewed nordic style pilsner with Latvian barley and Czhech hops. The dry bitterness of freshly cut hay of Saaz hops combined with gentle hints of barley malt create the youthful light bodied simplicity of the worlds most famous beer style. Effervescent, crispy and mesmerizingly naked.

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Herbal session ale Rasele


Peculiarly refreshing light beer. The minty catnip complements the citrus of Cascade hops on the nose, that is brought down to a spicy and grapefruitlike bitterness of wormwood on the tongue. The low alcohol content and density allows the drink to be enjoyed to kill any thirst, leaving a grassy and refreshing citrus pith in the aftertaste.

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The typical latvian caraway croissant reborn as a beer. The licorice like caraway is supported with the citrusy grassiness of Aramis hops. These are embraced by the fluffy sweetness of 3/4 wheat malt that will bring you into a tastescape of a bakery, with a lingering spiciness of caraway in the aftertaste.

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The tastescape of the latvian rural lager is a result of centuries of mingling among latvian and german brewing traditions. This contemporary version is dominated by the bready sweetness of protein rich latvian barley, which slowly fades into the gentle bitterness of Sladek hops.

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A light and effervescent beer brewed in the belgian tradition for the seasonal harvest. The gently spicy esters of Walloon yeast are complimented by the tropical juiciness of Citra hops, that allows to enjoy the crisp tastescape despite a low final gravity. The citrus bitterness and slight maltiness balances on the tongue until a refreshing ending.

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