Ēd ar alu. Mārtiņdienas mielasts trīs kārtās

Why Labietis eats?

When we think about where we stand on the global beer map, we see that we are in an enviably comfortable position. In particular, we have unique brews that best describe the taste of Latvia. And why not blend these flavors with the traditions of Latvian cuisine?
Ediens un alus

How Labietis eats?

To begin with, Labietis eats in seasons. And we eat prosperously. Always in multiple courses. Labietis eats simply and traditionally, without being shy about making the taste, shape or presentation contemporary. Chef Andris Ūpis takes care of Labietis appetite.

What Labietis drinks when eats?

The best way to relieve your thirst during meals is with the drinks chosen by head of Labietis Reinis Pļaviņš, which are matched with the results of the chef's work. It is very important to remember that the recipes we will share have been created with the compatibility of our beers with Latvian culinary flavors in mind. However, we by no means insist that our choices are the only right ones.



Which beer to choose? Aroniju Ragana will allow you to better appreciate the sweetness of the baked buttermilk and open your tongue to the thickness of the baked cream.

Which beer to choose? The strong taste sensation to which the eater is subjected by the herb-enriched blood sausage should be overcome with Ješku. The blood sausage is sweet and the bean clumps are soft. The cream is also mild. Nothing too screaming is appropriate here. Ješka is a 'Latvian grey', which allows this tenderness to be brought out elegantly.

If this snack proves too thin for some, Pipars will be the right beer with which to toast the spicy nature of the blood sausage.

Goose roast Latvian Recipes

Which beer to choose? The sour-sweet apple glaze with cinnamon, caraway and juniper character and the way the roast is cooked call for a fruity ale. The goose is caramelized, as is the malt. In addition, both allies are accompanied by a common juniper resinousness. Labietis recommends serving the roast and accompaniments with chilled Mežu.