Ēd ar alu. Ziemas saulgrieži

Our ancestors celebrated fertility at the winter solstice. It was a sign that the sun will return and the darkness will slowly recede. During the winter, when the work was done, people welcomed visitors to marry off their children. Young people were dressed in masks so that they would not know what the bridegrooms or brides-to-be looked like. Naturally, these new acquaintances also culminated in fertility.


This time for the winter solstice celebrations, chef Andris Ūpis is serving pork terrine, oven-roasted carp, bacon and pea cakes, as well as black cake with carrots. Head of Labietis, Reinis Pļaviņš, has matched the meals with a selection of beers that will grow from juicy refreshment into warming sips, encouraging us to think about fertility rituals.



Which beer to choose? We recommend bringing Melni to the lips. It's a proper harvest beer, a porter that's perfect for a rich winter solstice meal. If the mood calls for something stronger, Ferdinands is the right choice. A strong lager resting on chestnut wood chips will give you a full-bodied taste of the spicy moods of the terrine.


Which beer to choose? We recommend that you do not stop with the bouquet of herbs that adorns the oven-roasted carp, but continue in the same spirit, complementing this meal with the succulent wheat beer Laikabriedi.


Which beer to choose? Pies on a festive day are often an appetite suppressant. They are a great way to satisfy a growing hunger and help you save some room for the evening's debauchery at the festive table. A bite of pie is perfectly complemented by a sip of Radziņa with the freshness that only caraway can have.


Which beer to choose? To symbolically celebrate the retreat of darkness, the round carrot cake should be brought to the table, enriched with the spices - cinnamon and nutmeg - that we have come to associate with the taste of winter. The soft mouthfuls of pie will be well moisturized by our barley wine Dravnieka atraitne, which is dressed in 14 % abv blanket of warmth.